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Smithereens in the NY Times

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The Smithereens are back in the New York Times in the article mentioning their new Beatles live CD and upcoming appearance on February 9 at the Beatle Fest in New York.

By ALLAN KOZINN JAN. 31, 2014 New York Times

“The Smithereens Play the Beatles Washington, D.C. Feb. 11, 1964 Concert” has this New Jersey band recreating the Beatles’ first American concert. (The Beatles concert itself is available on video through iTunes, as part of “The Beatles Box Set,” with the group’s compete stereo recordings.)” “For sheer variety, the big event of the anniversary weekend is the three-day Fest for Beatles Fans, a bash held annually since 1974 (now with outposts in Chicago and Los Angeles as well), with — well, you name it: performances (by Donovan, Billy J. Kramer, the Smithereens, Peter Asher and Chad and Jeremy, as well as several tribute bands), lectures, panel discussions, film and video screenings, art and photo exhibitions, look-alike contests, an auction, a battle of the bands, trivia games, children’s events, a walking tour of New York, and a marketplace where you can pick up rare recordings and memorabilia you may have missed. At the Grand Hyatt (Friday to next Sunday).”



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