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Dennis Diken With Bell Sound: Late Music

Track Listing: 

1. The Sun's Gonna Shine in the Morning
2. Standing in That Line
3. Long Lonely Ride
4. No One's Listening
5. I've Been Away
6. So Hard To Say Goodbye
7. Fall Into Your Arms
8. Lost Bird
9. Let Your Loved One Sleep
10. The Bad Merry-Go-Round
11. Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long
12. Temptation Cake
13. Tell All the Fools

Dennis Diken steps out from behind The Smithereens’ drum kit, and in to the spotlight. 13 great songs from Dennis, with collaborator Pete DiBella and producer Dave Amels, plus guests The Wondermints, Andy Paley, The Honeys and Jason Falkner.

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