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Demos 1 - Girls About Town / Beauty & Sadness / Especially For You

Release Date: September 15, 2013

  1. Girls About Town (Early Demo - "Pat, Brian, Kenny & Sylvia")

  2. Girls About Town (Different Guitar Solo)

  3. Girl Don't Tell Me (Rehearsal?)

  4. Girls Are Like That (Pat and Dennis)

  5. Much Too Much (Pat On Drums)

  6. Tracey's World (Beauty and Sadness Sessions)

  7. Much Too Much (Beauty and Sadness Sessions)

  8. Some Other Guy (Faster Version)

  9. Beauty and Sadness (Beauty and Sadness Sessions)

  10. Much Too Much (Show Place Demos 9:81)

  11. I Don't Want To Lose You (Early Demo - "Pat, Brian, Kenny & Sylvia")

  12. Blood and Roses (Music Only - Basement Demo)

  13. Cigarette (Basement Demo)

  14. Listen To Me Girl

  15. Strangers When We Meet (Alan Betrock Demos 1984)

  16. I Don't Want To Lose You (Alan Betrock Demos 1984)

  17. Time and Time Again (Alan Betrock Demos 1984)

  18. Listen To Me Girl (Alan Betrock Demos 1984)

  19. Strangers When We Meet

  20. Listen To Me Girl (Planet Dallas 1986)

  21. Groovy Tuesday (Planet Dallas 1986)

  22. Cigarette (Planet Dallas)

  23. I Don't Want To Lose You ("Beauty and Sadness Sessions" Tape)

  24. Time and Time Again (Early Chelsea Mix)

  25. Behind the Wall of Sleep (Show Place Demos)

  26. Blood and Roses (Planet Dallas 1986)

  27. Crazy Mixed-Up Kid (Show Place Demos)

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