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Promo photo for Especially For You

Especially For You

Release date: July, 1986

  1. Strangers When We Meet

  2. Listen To Me Girl

  3. Groovy Tuesday

  4. Cigrette

  5. I Don’t Want To Lose You

  6. Time And Time Again

  7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

  8. In A Lonely Place

  9. Blood And Roses

  10. Crazy Mixed-Up Kid

  11. Hand Of Glory

  12. Alone At Midnight 

CD Reissue Bonus Tracks

  1. White Castle Blues

  2. Mr. Eliminator

Produced by Don Dixon

The Smithereens debut album Especially For You enlists the aid of producer Don Dixon (REM, GUADALCANAL DIARY, Marti Jones) behind the board, and this team has come up with a flawless display of pop craftsmanship.

Tracks like “Strangers When We Meet”, “Blood & Roses”, “Behind the Wall of Sleep”, “In A Lonely Place”-a smokey duet from Smithereens’ lead vocalist Pat DiNizio and folk chantuese Suzanne Vega-and the churning “Time And Time Again” show the band moving easily between styles, keeping intact a finely tuned balance of pure rock energy and rare pop intuition.

“This was like a greatest hits album from a band nobody’s heard of because we’d had those songs for five years. It still holds up.” – Pat DiNizio

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