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Green Thoughts

Released March 22, 1988


  1. Only A Memory

  2. House We Used To Live In

  3. Something New

  4. The World We Know

  5. Especially For You

  6. Drown In My Own Tears

  7. Deep Black

  8. Elaine

  9. Spellbound

  10. If The Sun Doesn’t Shine

  11. Green Thoughts

Produced by: Don Dixon


THE SMITHEREENS toured relentlessly from May of ’86 to September of ’87 to promote their debut album Especially For You.


After returning to the States, the band began work on a new album. Holed up in his NYC apartment, Pat DiNizio composed all of Green Thoughts in about four weeks. The group chose to record in the historic studios of their new label, Enigma/Capitol Records, with Don Dixon again enlisted to produce.


From start to finish, the album was recorded and mixed in sixteen days. As Dennis says, “The band as a group likes to preserve the spontaneity or the ‘liveness’ of what we do. Although it is very much a studio album, you can sense that these are real musicians playing real instruments. After fifteen months on the road, we’d gotten much tighter as a performing unit and better as musicians.”


Guests at the sessions included Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, adding atmospheric sax to “Especially For You”; the legendary Del Shannon lending his voice to “The World We Know”; and Marti Jones vocalizing on the single, “Only A Memory.”

“I hear a lot of our fans say that ‘Green Thoughts’ was the soundtrack to their lives because it had a lot of relationship songs on it.” -Pat DiNizio

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