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Live in Concert! Greatest Hits and More

Release date: May 2008

The Smithereens return to the place where it all started! “Live In Concert – Greatest Hits and More” features music from The Smithereens’ four-night stint at The Court in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a musical home away from home for the group, which took place January 30th – February 2nd, 2008.


The album features live recordings of two brand new songs, “Any Other Way” and “Since You Went Away.” The set also includes Buddy Holly’s classic (and a big influence for The Smithereens) “Well Alright,” and the ripping interpretation of the “Batman” theme, a live staple for the band. A double-length album on one CD, it’s The Smithereens at their onstage best!


  1. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

  2. Drown In My Own Tears

  3. Miles From Nowhere

  4. Room Without A View

  5. Only A Memory

  6. House We Used To Live In

  7. Spellbound

  8. Since You Went Away

  9. She’s Got A Way

  10. Yesterday Girl

  11. Well Alright

  12. Especially For You

  13. Any Other Way

  14. Top Of The Pops

  15. Time And Time Again

  16. Blood And Roses

  17. A Girl Like You

  18. Batman Theme

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