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The Smithereens Play Tommy

Release date: May 5, 2009

The Smithereens decided to make a proper, all-out studio version of one of the albums that inspired their rock dreams of becoming a band in the first place for this 40th anniversary tribute. The result is part Who, part Smithereens. Part totally familiar, and part unexpectedly unique… and 100% tour de force. The Smithereens’ “musical dreams ain’t quite what they seem” — the result is more than a loving tribute and much more like an inspired re-imagining. After listening to this album a few times, you may never hear any of The Who’s versions of Tommy the same way again.


The CD is illustrated fittingly with front and back covers by William Stout (who also designed the iconic “Tales From the Who” album cover) and contains informative liner notes written by Jim Babjak and Bill Crowley.


  1. Overture

  2. It’s A Boy

  3. Amazing Journey

  4. Sparks

  5. Eyesight To The Blind

  6. Christmas

  7. Acid Queen

  8. Pinball Wizard

  9. Go To The Mirror

  10. Tommy Can You Hear Me?

  11. Sensation

  12. I’m Free

  13. We’re Not Gonna Take It/See Me Fee/Listening To You


“This is punk rock opera meets the godfathers of pop. Plain and simple.” -Pat DiNizio

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