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The Smithereens Release "Christmas Morning"

The Smithereens are pleased to announce the release of “Christmas Morning” for the holiday season! The song features all four founding members of the band: Jim Babjak/guitars, Dennis Diken/drums, Mike Mesaros/bass, and the late Pat DiNizio/vocals. Written by Jim Babjak, “Christmas Morning” is available as both a digital download and 7” green vinyl, 45 RPM record.

Babjak reflects on what inspired him when composing “Christmas Morning:” “For me, Christmas has always been a time of peace and reflection. Even just for one day, all will be right in the world. And in this time of COVID-19 and political divisiveness, the song couldn’t be more vital. The song expresses musically and lyrically a timeless feeling of hope and calm, that “…waking up on Christmas morning, everything’s okay on Christmas Day.’”

Produced by Don Dixon (R.E.M., The Smithereens, Marshall Crenshaw,) it was originally recorded in 1994 at the famed Magic Shop recording studio in NYC. The band previously worked with Dixon on the albums Especially for You, Green Thoughts, A Date with The Smithereens, and 2011.

The 45 also features “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” on the flipside, with vocals by Dennis Diken.

The new record comes following a period of sadness and ultimately, a triumphant era for The Smithereens. After vocalist’s Pat DiNizio untimely passing in 2017, the band – Jim Babjak, Dennis Diken, and Mike Mesaros - decided to carry on their shared musical legacy with guest vocalists including Marshall Crenshaw, Susan Cowsill of The Cowsills, and Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms. In 2019, The Smithereens were inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame and now in 2020, they are celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band. New music and touring to come in 2021!

“Christmas Morning” will be released on Friday, December 4, 2020 on the band’s Tollie Records. The digital download will be available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Pandora. The special 7" green vinyl, 45 RPM single, will be available via Amazon and The Smithereens’ Store.

Also available are 2 vintage Christmas cards from 1987 and 1988, autographed by Jim Babjak, Dennis Diken, and Mike Mesaros. Personalized upon request. The 1987 card features a festive shot of The Smithereens in front of Café Piastowska in Stockholm, Sweden. The 1988 card features a memorable photo of The Smithereens and their friend Arthur, taken during the band’s UK tour and the filming of their “Drown in My Own Tears” video.

All available in The Smithereens’ Store:

Merry Christmas from The Smithereens!



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