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Goldmine Magazine gives Smithereens 2011 four stars

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Goldmine Magazine’s John Borack gives The Smithereens 2011 four stars, calling it “the finest Smithereens record since 1989’s ’11,’ and very nearly as good as the band’s debut, ‘Especially For You.’

“Throughout ‘2011,’ the Smithereens fight the good fight, convincing the listener that real rock and roll will never truly go out of fashion while also proving that while these old dogs might be showing off old tricks, said tricks are still mighty fine.”

Review for The Smithereens’ “Smithereens 2011” By John Borack Goldmine Magazine

The Smithereens: Jim Babjak, Severo Jornacion (AKA The Thrilla), Dennis Diken and Pat DiNizio

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