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Jim Babjak breaks down 11 essential Smithereens tracks for Guitar World

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Guitar World asked Smithereens guitarist Jim Babjak to dissect 11 key songs from the band’s catalog. He discusses the guitars and amps he and Pat DiNizio used on “Blood and Roses,” “Behind the Wall of Sleep” and “A Girl Like You” straight through to their recent single, 2011’s “Sorry.”

His descriptions also put the songs in context, providing an insider’s view into what many feel is New Jersey’s greatest rock band.

Guitar World June 19, 2012

“I wasn’t really clear on how the song “Something New” should sound. I think the band had a dirtier guitar sound in mind, but when I picked up Pat’s late-’50s Lime Green Gretsch, I had to use that sound for the rhythm part. The tone was just so clean and pretty, it fit the track like an old shoe.”

Jim Babjak
Jim Babjak


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