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Smithereens “Live at the Roxy” on iTunes

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Just out on iTunes is “The Smithereens Live at the Roxy”, a live recording of the band’s first Los Angeles concert. The 19 track recording features most of the songs from “Especially For You” and “Beauty and Sadness” in addition to a number of covers. Not to be missed!

The Smithereens Live At The Roxy
The Smithereens Live At The Roxy is available in the iTunes Store

The Smithereens Live At The Roxy

(Los Angeles CA – 9/2/86) Preview in iTunes Store

“The Smithereens Live At The Roxy” in L.A. on September 2, 1986 chronicles a number of firsts for The Smithereens – their first time in Hollywood, their first L.A. concert and the first of many sold-out shows in their illustrious career. This concert also places a spotlight on most of the tracks from their critically acclaimed first full-length Enigma/Capitol Records album “Especially For You”. No “overnight success”, the Smithereens had already been busy honing their craft and impressing critics and audiences alike with their riff-heavy yet morbidly melodic rock and roll for over 6 years.

Available for the first time in its entirety, this blisteringly intense live concert is an impressive document of a band at the top of their game – making good on their promise to deliver their own brand of “Jersey Invasion” rock to a wider and hungrily eager audience. No longer rough at this point but undeniably rock solid, tenaciously tough and with something vital to prove, “Live at the Roxy” is a snapshot of an important time in the band’s now nearly 35 year career. During this historic concert, The Smithereens reinforced what their East Coast fans already knew – that they were a propulsive force to be reckoned with and at the cutting edge of a soon to be legendary career.

This concert includes songs like “Blood and Roses”, “In A Lonely Place”, “Beauty and Sadness”, “Time and Time Again”,”Some Other Guy” and “Strangers When We Meet” that were already loaded into their arsenal of killer performances along with song covers that they made their own like The Beatles’ “One After 909”, surf music instrumentals “Mr. Eliminator”& “Stoked” and The Who’s ferocious “The Seeker”. As this momentous“Live at the Roxy” concert so readily proves, The Smithereens were well on their way to stardom and already ranked among the rock industry’s upper echelon of live performers.


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