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Song of the Day: Sorry

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Tris McCall of The Star-Ledger picks “Sorry” from the new album “2011” as the song of the day. “Seeing the Smithereens today is not altogether different from what it was like to see the band in the ’90s,” says McCall. “Grunge did not change them; a lineup shuffle did not change them. Nothing changed them…”

Song of the Day: ‘Sorry,’ The Smithereens

Tuesday, July 12, 2011, By Tris McCall/The Star-Ledger

“Sorry,” their latest, is much like their first. That’s why we keep coming back: to see four men (one in particular) who cannot help but make anything but Smithereens music, professional consequences be damned. This is how their souls echo. Here they stand, they can do no other; they’d like to say they’re sorry, but they won’t.

Jim Babjak, Pat DiNizio and Severo Jornacion (aka The Thrilla)



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