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Smithereens “Live At Sigma Sound Authorized Bootleg”

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The Smithereens’ “Live At Sigma Sound Authorized Bootleg” features 18 great songs recorded “live” in the recording studio during the 1988 “Green Thoughts” tour, and features classic Smithereens songs from both “Especially For You” and “Green Thoughts”.

Track listing:

  1. Drown in My Own Tears

  2. Green Thoughts

  3. Groovy Tuesday

  4. Alone at Midnight

  5. Crazy Mixed-Up Kid

  6. The World We Know

  7. I Don’t Want to Lose You

  8. Something New

  9. Cigarette

  10. Deep Black

  11. Strangers When We Meet

  12. Spellbound

  13. Behind the Wall of Sleep

  14. Hand of GloryOnly a Memory

  15. Time and Time Again

  16. House We Used to Live In

  17. Blood and Roses


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