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God Save the Smithereens – Demo Versions in iTunes store

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The latest “Smithereens Archives” iTunes release, demo versions of 1999’s “God Save The Smithereens” is now available in the iTunes Store. 21 tracks. Get yours today!

Track Listing: 1. House At the End of the World [Different From EP:”Best Mix”] 2. Everything Changes [Hip Hop Version – No Vocals] 3. Everything Changes [Hip Hop Version – With Vocals] 4. Flowers In the Blood [No Vocals] 5. Flowers In the Blood [With Vocals] 6. The Long Loneliness 7. The Long Loneliness 2 [Different Demo Version] 8. Someday [With Vocals] 9. Someday [No Vocals] 10. The Age of Innocence 11. The Age of Innocence 12. Gloomy Sunday [Hip Hop Version – No Vocals] 13. Gloomy Sunday [Regular Demo – With Vocals] 14. I Believe [Danny Tate Vocals Demo] 15. I Believe [Pat Demo] 16. All Revved Up [Acoustic Demo] 17. All Revved Up [Rock Demo] 18. Even If I Never Get Back Home 19. Try 20. The Last Good Time 21. The Last Good Time 2 [“Welcome” Intro]


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